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KaJen: Destined To Love

What makes "KaJen" (Karan-Jennifer) so special is that their working relationship goes back a long way. They had earlier worked together as a romantic couple in 'Kasautii Zindagi Kay' and were very much loved as a couple then also. During the time they spent together shooting KZK, they'd become very close friends. Later, when Karan hosted the reality show 'Zara Nachke Dikha' in 2008, Jennifer happened to be a participant on the show... and now in 2009, we are getting to see the magic of Karan & Jennifer return to our screens once again - as Jennifer stepped into the role of Dr Riddhima in the very popular youth show 'Dill Mill Gayye' in April 2009... and this time KaJen will be portraying our already much loved characters in love ' Armaan & Riddhima! Destiny has truly bought KaJen together time & time again.... And this blog has been made specially to celebrate their friendship!

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Friday, 14 August 2009

14/Aug/09 - KaJen SBS Transcript

KaJen on SBS - 14th August 2009 (Janmashtami special, KSG as 'Modern Kanha')

Jenny: Modern kanha...Thode se kabhi kabhi badmashiya karte hai yeh lekin hai bade sweet se...He's very sweet! Aur natkat toh hai jaise aap sab jaante hai
Karan: Main maakan chor nahin hoon
Jenny: Aur maakan chor nahin hai kyunki butter is very...
Karan: Maakan chod! Maakan CHOD!
Jenny: it's very fattening
Karan: it is very fattening
Jenny: Agar aap maakan nahin churaana chahte toh aap kya churana chahenge?
Karan: Protein man! Protein!

Jenny: Modern kanha hai aap toh let me do the honours please
Karan: Toh phir modern mukat hona chahiye na
Jenny: old fashioned mukat hai
Karan: acha aap sirf yeh flute pakad lo, ok
Jenny: Ek cheez agar aapko kuch churani hai...toh kya churayenge, khaane mein? That's an interesting question
Karan: Pizza
Jenny: Pizza?
Karan: Pizza!
Jenny: Pizza churaoge aap? Toh yeh pizza chor hai yeh maakan chor nahin hai

Karan: I don't know any gopi's man...Modern Radha ek princess hai. Hum logo ko smile karayenge..Parwat se kuch hota nahin aaj kal
Jenny: Hum logo ke sir se
Karan: pahaar uthaayenge
Jenny: sadness ka pahaar uthaayenge
Karan: Yes!Thats sadness parwat uthayenge
Jenny: uska pahaar uthaayenge aur aise side mein rak denge

Jenny: Yeh hai hamaare set ke Kahna! pata hai iske (flute) do kaam hai agar yeh batameezi kare toh inko isse maar bhi sakte hai
*Karan wears the mukat*
Jenny: ahh see so cute... not bad! You look nice!
Karan: Yo whats happening u all
Jenny: This is nice, see! *ties his mukat* Yeh hai hamaare set ke kahna! do the flute

Jenny: Woh kisna hai
Karan: yo!
Jenny: Woh kisna hai
Karan: ah ah
Jenny: Jo hai rangeena
Karan: albela
KaJen: Madh naino wala
Karan: I know this song
Jenny: Jiski deewani brij ki har bala...Woh Kisna hai
Karan: Yea yea
Jenny: Woh Kisna hai
Karan: Whatsup you all Im Kisna
Jenny: *hits him with the mike* Tum nahin ho! Tum nahin ho kisna!

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

12/Aug/09 - KSG SSN Transcript

KSG on Sahara Samay News - 12th August 2009

Karan Singh ki aap personality dekh sakte hai. Mujhe lagta hai ke shayad chote parde par aisi personality vala koi nahin hoga. Chote parde ke aapko Salman kahe?
Woh aapko marzi hai aap kya kehna chahe mujhe. Lekin it's just a lot of hard work aur kaafi discipline hai aur that's it.

Aapka show, DMG...3 Riddhima aa gayi... Zaahir si baat hai aap ke liye kaafi badiya experience hoga?
Main bohat lucky hoon

Haan bohat lucky ho, 3 Riddhima aapko mili hai!

Toh yeh kaisa experience raha?
Kaafi acha experience actually. Kaafi unexpected tha jab Shilpa gayi thi kyunki by the end of it hum kaafi ache dost ban gaye the aur jo audience thi unko bhi hamaari chemistry kaafi achi lagti thi. Uske baad Sukirti aayi, she was the youngest one of us... Sabse choti family member thi hamaari. And she was the most bubbly, sab se zyada energy thi un mein, mujhse bhi zyada! Idhar se udhar khudh thi rehti thi hamesha. Toh when she left also it was sad. But it ended on a happy note because Jennifer meri bohat purani dost hai, bohat achi purani dost hai, and when she came to join us main kaafi khush hua tha ke mujhe phir se uske saath kaam karne ka mauqa mil raha hai.

Jhalak Dikhla Jaa ka kitna bada yogdaan hai jo aap Bollywood mein entry kar rahe hai?
Jhalak ka yehi yogdaan hai ke mujhe dance rehearsal ke grueling times sikha diya. Jitna time mujhe lagta tha dance karne mein, usse thoda kam lagega. I got used to rehearsing a lot and working day/night so that will always help.

Bollywood se kitna hope hai?
Main is baat mein yakeen karta hoon ki aap jo bhi kare... Chaahe aap actor ho, writer ho, bank mein kaam karte ho, airlines mein ho...Jo bhi kaam kare, us mein apna poora dil lagaaye. If you listen to your heart and do everything with all your heart in it, you'll always be successful. Mere jitne bhi project aayenge, maine jitna mehnat is mein daali hai us mein bhi daalonga, and I hope it works out.

12/Aug/09 - KaJen SBS Transcript

KaJen on SBS - 12th August 2009

Swine flu se bachne ke liye kya karna chahiye?
Karan: Do not talk to swines
Jenny: *laughs*
Karan: No um precautions jo hum lete hai woh aapko Jennifer bataayegi
Jenny: *laughs* Subah mujhe kuch bola tha ki swine flu se bachne ke liye kuch precautionary steps lene chahiye woh kya hai.. please mujhe share kiya, apne fans ke saath bhi share karo
Karan: Dekhiye precautions toh humne jo aaj set pe dekha hai, kaafi log apne naak aur muhn pe kapda band ke ghoom rahe hai aur mask lagaa ke ghoom rahe hai, thaaki jo virus hai unke andar na aaye
Jenny: Mere khayal se jo humein bohat messages aa rahe hai ke yeh kariye woh kariye toh pehli baat toh woh jo mask hai..koi bhi kapda mask nahin hota..usse koi farq nahin parta hai..use proper masks, jo is bemaari ke liye banne hai, woh use ki jiye..aur avoid going to public places, theatres...aur mere khayal se humne yeh bhi suna hai ki drink lots of warm water & keep ur body warm, toh yeh filhaal kuch mere dimaag mein aa raha hai

Saturday, 8 August 2009

8/Aug/09 - KaJen I-F Interview

Fab couple ‘Karan N Jen’ is back to stay!

One of the most cherished couples of the tube, Karan Singh Grover and Jennifer Winget in a chit-chat with Telly Buzz on the occasion of their show completing 400 episodes..

Karan Singh Grover and Jennifer Winget touted as the Shahrukh-Kajol of tellyland, have been reunited thro' Dill Mill Gayye on Star One, much to their fans' delight!

Here is the duo in an exclusive chit-chat with Telly Buzz on the occasion of Dill Mill Gayye celebrating 400 episodes...

Both of you are part of a show which has crossed the 400 episode mark. How does it feel to share the success?
Karan: Well it has been a beautiful journey so far. And I really, really hope that we as a team do all that it takes to reach the four digit mark, make it like a 1000 episode success. We have been through a lot of ups and downs but now that we have reached the 400th episode, all sad things seem small and trivial, compared to this awesome moment of success. And all the sweat seems worth it!
Jennifer: I feel very fortunate, appreciated and of course, proud. It's genuinely a wonderful feeling to be part of such a loved show.

Do you feel your memory loss sequence is a good twist to the story?
Karan: Yes, I think it's a good one. The audience is looking for a change and this particular phase is loaded with comical elements and so I'm very sure all the viewers will enjoy it.

Which is you memorable episode of DMG?
Karan: The first episode where I got to meet new people and had the excitement of doing a new show surging in me.

People really love the chemistry between you and Jennifer.
Karan: Jennifer has been my good friend since the past five years. So it's only natural that the comfort level turns into great chemistry when we are coupled on-screen.
Jennifer: I thank the viewers for accepting us and for all their affection. I think my friendship with Karan is on a whole different level, because even before one of us would complete a sentence we know what the other person is gonna say and most of the time it's the same thing that we've been thinking all along!

What are the similarities and differences between Dr. Armaan and Karan?
Karan: Both are almost the same. The only difference is that Armaan has grey eyes and I have black.
Jennifer: When the show got launched and I saw Karan on TV, I called him up to say, this is such an easy role for you yaar. Isme acting karne ki zaroorat hi kya hai? (Where do you find the need to 'act' in this role?)

Karan, how does it feel when you have three different women portraying the role of your lover?
Karan: Its fun (Laughs). I got to meet three beautiful girls and have shared a great working experience with them.

Jennifer, you've been in saas-bahu serials, Shakalaka Boom Boom and now in DMG. Which has been your most enjoyable experience?
Jennifer: All the shows have been very different. In Shakalaka I was too young. I don't even remember half the things that happened in that show. Then came the saas-bahu serials and now this. DMG is very breezy, you can say its been easy on me.

You didn't answer me, which is your favorite of all?
Jennifer: I cant say that! They all have helped me grow. Altogether it's been a learning experience.

Will there be a fourth Riddhima?
Jennifer: Nope. There won't be a fourth Riddhima. The viewers will get to enjoy seeing us as a couple for a long time to come (smiles).

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

Friday, 7 August 2009

7/Aug/09 - Jenny SSN Transcript

Jenny on Sahara Samay News - 7th August 2009

400 episodes complete kar raha hai DMG, aur iski aap part ban gayi hai, kaisa lag raha hai aapko?
Bohat bohat acha lag raha hai! Jab ki main 400 episodes yahaan par nahin thi, main kaafi late aayi hoon lekin mujhe bohat garv mehsoos ho raha hai ke main ek aise show ki part hoon jo 400 episode chala hai aur bohat se episodes chalega. Aur itni achi tarah chala hai! Logo ne iske har ek kirdaar ko itna pasand kiya hai, itna pyar diya hai, bohat hi acha lagta hai ki main ek aise show ka hissa hoon! Aur jab se main aayi hoon is show mein tab se mujhe bhi logo ne bohat pyar diya, matlab ek alag hi audience mili hai mujhe is show ke saath.

Yeh episode 400 episode tak pauncha...aur aage 1000 episode aap keh rahe hai.Toh Kya lagta hai, serial ki USP kya hai?
DMG ek aisa pehla show tha, first of all, StarOne par jisne youth audience ko attract kiya hai aur is serial ki khaasiyat yehi hai ki bohati real bohati light show hai, koi drama nahin hai, rona dhona nahin hai, yehi is show ki USP hai.

Dr Riddhima ka kirdaar karte kitna enjoy karte hai aap?
Bohat zyada! Bohat zyada! Starting mein jisne mere se pehle Dr Riddhima ka character nibaya tha, un dono ne... Shilpa ne aur Sukirti ne... bohati ache se nibaya aur unko logo ne itna pyar diya aur main unki shukarguzaar hoon ki unho ne mujhe ek banaa banaaya character diya! I'm very thankful to them and I hope ki jaise unho ne nibaya, main bhi usi tarah se nibaon.

2 Riddhima badal chuke hai...3rd Riddhima aap aayi hai. Kya lagta hai aapko...
Aage mat puchiye!

Main aage keval yehi poochunga ke 3rd Riddhima khayam rahegi?
Ji haan! 3rd Riddhima hi khayam rahegi...3rd Riddhima hi rahegi!

Acha, Dr Armaan ke saath kaam karke, khaas kar ke Karan Singh Grover jo hai aaj kal bohati charcha mein hai, unke saath kaisa? Aapki chemistry kaafi pasand ki jaa rahi hai logo ko!
Karan ko main bohat pehle se jaanti hoon. Humne Kasauti saath mein kiya tha. Main usse 5 saal se jaanti hoon, hum bohati ache dost hai. In fact, he's one of my closest friends.

Jennifer ko acting ke alava aur kya pasand aata hai?
Acting ke alava mujhe bohat saari cheeze pasand hai! Mujhe jab bhi free time milta hai toh tennis khelna acha lagta hai, aur mujhe music sunna pasand hai, aur I like reading a lot! Main bohat normal ladki hoon, jo saari ladkiya karti hai main bhi karti hoon!

Music jo sunte hai woh thoda bohat toh gaate hai.
Jennifer nahin gaati! Jo music sunte hai zaroori nahin hai woh gaate hai. Main nahin gaati. DMG ke main 2 line gaa deti hoon... Please forgive me, I'm not doing this, this man is making me do this. This is not my choice, okay! *sings Kaisa Hai Yeh Ghumaar*...I can sing happy birthday... Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to DMG, happy birthday to you!

7/Aug/09 - KaJen E24 Transcript

KaJen on E24 - 7th August 2009

Karan: Sukirti was the baby on the show. Jab ki Riddhima ka character sab se mature hai. Woh actually sab se choti thi umar mein. Abhi actually yeh Riddhima hamaari, Jenny, bhi sab se choti hai. She was the bubbliest of the lot I think! Matlab she was like a complete kid on the set.

Karan: Hamaare show DMG ke 400 episode complete karne ki khushi mein humne cake kaata hai. Abhi aur 600 episode karne hai
Jenny: aur 600 episodes
Karan:1000 episodes!
Karan:Please 1000 episodes tak dekhiyega!